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Rancho Encino Floral


A New Standard in Flower Farming

Wedding Table Setup

Fresh. Beautiful. Local.

A small flower farm, horse farm and wedding venue, Rancho Encino is nestled on the outskirts of Brownsville, Texas. We are your destination for you-pick flowers. Our farm offers a unique experience to families and residents in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Take a break from city life and reconnect with nature. Our clients want a unique experience and local farm fresh flowers. Some of our clients are lucky enough to get a sneak peek of our horse herd grazing in the pastures while they pick flowers. 

Come and explore the farm's beauty and the horse's calm spirit.

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Holding a Bouquet
Bouquet of Flowers

Meet the
Mother-Daughter Duo

Two Generations of Flower Farming Learning Together

What started as a hobby to spruce up the horse farm, has turned into...

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